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Our Story

Our Story

The only thing better than discovering a great bottle of wine . . . is sharing it.

At ShipMeWine, we are passionate about wine. We enthusiastically seek out the creative and exciting vintners who are blazing new trails in winemaking. We cultivate our longstanding relationships with some of the finest vintners from Spain, France, Italy, California, Washington, and Oregon. All with an eye toward curating an exceptional collection of wines that we deliver with fast and free shipping to your doorstep.

For many thousands of years, winemaking has been inherent to humanity. From survival and sacred ritual to sensory enjoyment and celebration. A glass of wine connects us. Across time. Across cultures. To each other. To ourselves.

Across time –

Whether connecting us to ancient traditions past or rekindling a fond memory from just last year, taking a moment to deeply experience a glass of wine transports us to another time.

Across cultures –

Discover the earth and vine of faraway cultures and travel the world through wine. This global medium—wine—unites us but also celebrates what makes our cultures unique.

To each other –

From a perfect first date to an impromptu gathering of friends, a shared bottle of wine offers a shared moment of sensory experience.

To ourselves –

Savoring one perfect glass on wine at the end of a frenetic day helps us unplug from the world and spend a quiet moment. Discover the nuances of color and the layers of flavor and texture. Reconnect with yourself.

In a world that demands a fast and furious pace, wine can slow us down and help reconnect us. At ShipMeWIne, we’re all about discovering and sharing great wines—with the humble aspiration to help us all connect. We invite you to share a bottle and celebrate life!